1.0.0-beta.2 error: "Failed to scan system volumes"

Thanks for the DM: that run was successful (which is good news and bad news: good that it normally (?) works, bad news that this is a heisenbug.

I’m not getting the lighter fluid quite yet, but I’ll think about how try to prevent this in the future.

This issue still persists in 1.0.0-beta.11.

PhotoStructure for Desktops, Windows 10.

(Failed to scan system volumes)

Sorry about that: can you send me your logs so I can see what’s failing?

Just FYI, my VPN network drive is currently offline - and has been for about a week.

Knowing that, would you still need to see logs? Or would this crashing be expected behavior when a network drive is offline?

Side note- it would be super awesome if someday in a future version users could opt out of having PhotoStructure constantly scanning all of their volumes. I understand the premise, but in my case my pictures will always be on the same drive… and I promise the drive letter will never change. :grin:



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That’d be great to isolate what’s actually failing.

No: that should be an expected situation, and PhotoStructure should handle it gracefully: and certainly not crash.

You can set volumeMetadataTtlMs to something gigantic: a day in milliseconds is 86400000:

By default, volumes should only be scanned by main, once, and then shared across processes via rpc until a new volume is mounted or an hour elapses (whatever comes first).

I was thinking about this a bit more, and the only reason why I scan volume metadata is to make sure PhotoStructure pauses the sync if disk space gets tight.

If there’s plenty of disk space available on the cache and library volumes, PhotoStructure can safely cache volume metadata for a long while, because PhotoStructure knows it isn’t in a danger zone.

I also just realized that PhotoStructure can gracefully ignore any errors fetching volume metadata for volumes that aren’t being read from or written to. I’ll see how doable that is.

@Rodger thanks again for the suggestion!

volume handling was extensively reworked (again) in beta.13. @Rodger are you still seeing this issue after upgrading?

Beta.13 was still crashing daily, but I apologize I didn’t jot down or notice the exact error. I just upgraded to beta.14, and will play close attention.