Asset Search Capability

Search by

  • keyword
  • tag
  • filesystem path
  • first-imported time, or most-recently-imported
  • dominant color
  • geo

(taken from the What’s Next page)

I think this one is pretty critical to take Photostructure from being a cool way to explore my photos to being a tool that I can use to find specific photos. As it stands, if I want to find photos of “Sam Whatshisface”, I have two options:

  • go to the Keywords page and scroll down through the hundreds of alphabetically sorted Keywords until I get to “Sam Whatshisface”


  • try to find a recent photo that has Sam in it, and then use the context streams to pull up the “Sam Whatshisface” stream

Expanding on this, searching REALLY becomes useful when you can search for photos that have multiple matching keywords. Being able to find all photos of Sam AND myself is a fantastic tool!

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