Characters might be incorrectly parsed for album tags

I don’t know if Photostructure is to blame with this but I cannot find anything wrong in the metadata so I’ll run it by you if you can see something wrong. And also I’m aware albums are not released yet as a feature so feel free to put this on hold :slight_smile:

It seems the Album name parsing might be different from the keyword name parsning. See the picture below.


The picture only has two hierarchical tags on it so the source of the Album and Keyword tags should be the same:
Albums|2014 - Skåne & Köpenhamn*Keywords|Locations|Sverige|Skåne

I’ve configured the setting in Photostructure to only read “HierarchicalSubject” as it is where I’m dooing all work in Lightroom.

Verifying the tags with exiftool does not seem to present any encoding issues as faar as I can tell.


Windows Server 2019, Node
Beta 7

Heya @hanpq: thanks for reporting this!

Can you send me the image via DM or email so I can take a look?

Just because I got bit by it, check and make sure PhotoStructure hasn’t found another picture it feels is a duplicate and has combined into the asset. I had this happen once and it was (very neatly) merging metadata.

I was pulling what’s left of my hair out :slight_smile:

Thinking about it more, I suspect it’s not multiple files being aggregated, but a metadata tag encoded in XML that I’m not decoding properly. I’ll try that now.

Update: I tried adding non-latin values to XMP sidecars, and couldn’t reproduce this issue. @hanpq if you could send me an example, that’d be a big help.