Complex Setup with importer

I’m evaluating Photostructure again, and I know there have been changes made to the import mechanism.

Could I have a persistent installation with one or more “Incoming” directory, where daily Photostructure will ingest new files and DELETE them on completion after adding them to the library. Second I would like one or more “Sync” directories where new items are ingested daily, but not deleted (ie: Syncthing/phone tools will manage).

My use case is a family photo archive. I have an existing Linux server doing NAS with ZFS.

I intend to share an Incoming folder for “ad hoc” uploads. I may write a script to mount our camera to a specific directory, and just need to know that all the photos were successfully imported and then deleted afterward to clear the SD card.

Then I have several cell phones, and I can configure each with their own directories and SFTP access to upload to. These directories can’t be cleared because copy tools are rarely smart enough to only upload new without the server side being a mirror.

All of these inputs should end up in the permanent PS library for archival and long term storage.

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Not sure if this covers it, but you may want to check out this thread:

I’ve read that. The key issue is can PS have multiple input directories with different profiles (ie: delete / no-delete).

Not currently: PhotoStructure doesn’t delete any files at this point, actually.

Automatic deletion-on-import is being tracked here:

And manual deletions are tracked here:

It sounds like you’d like a way to only have some folders in the “move” state, and some in copy state, correct?

Would it make sense to be able to mark a folder with delete-on-import, similar to how you mark a folder to be ignored? I’ll bring that up over on the first post.

Yes, I’d like to have multiple input directories, with multiple profiles. Preferably in the main config so you can see them at the same time.