Encode previews as JPEG, webp or AVIF

With both Chrome and Firefox supporting AVIF naively, this would more than halve the size of the previews directory, and make browsing over constrained networks much more pleasant.

Update: AVIF encoding is staggeringly slow, and would make imports 5-20x slower.

Mobile Safari would be left out in the cold, though, unless both JPEG and AVIF were rendered.

More info:


That sounds like a good preference: “Should Photostructure render previews and JPEGs, AVIFs, or both” (and then an explanation of why one might choose one or the other, and a warning more drive space will be used but streaming could be more pleasant).

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For those of us that don’t use Apple products (my wife and I just use Windows PCs and Samsung phones and tablets), I wouldn’t mind an “I don’t care about Mobile Safari” option that uses newer file formats only supported by Chrome and Firefox.

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I went down this path with webp, but found that webp was much slower to encode (5-10x slower: AVIF is even worse than that!), and only reduced preview sizes by ~30%.