Google Takeout Face tags

I’m sure you’ve got an excellent write-up somewhere, but Google is not helping me find it. How do I provide photostructure my google takeout data?

Also, HUGE congrats on v1!!!

You need to sync the uncompressed archives you downloaded from your Takeout. Before you do, though, check out the name parsing settings: you’ll probably want to tweak at least a couple of those defaults (and if you think I should pick different default values, let’s discuss that: is like more opinions to make sure they’re reasonable).

Make sure you uncompress all the archives into the same directory hierarchy, though: Takeout likes to toss bits and pieces of individual albums into different archives.

If you’re on Linux, you can ratarmount to skip the uncompressing step:

I can write down more explicit step-by-step instructions later if this is still too nebulous for you: just ask!

Thanks! :birthday::tada:

Yeah I’m not following the archive comment.

Could you provide an example?

I’m not sure I understand what json tweaks you’re speaking of either.

A couple step guide would be helpful and might save on some forum support

:+1: I’ll write that up later today.

Here you go!

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That is great! Three questions:

  1. Do I really have to import my photos with the take out as well? Or does it just grab the json files?
  2. After the import, are those photos from takeout now permanently part of my library? Assuming it imports them that is.
  3. Do you think I should just wait and take photos using your 1.1 ML face tagger (you should use a face hugger (aliens) emoji for the face tagger feature :wink: )? I mean Google is good but it really leaves a lot of to be desired in the manually fixing category, yes it can be done but it’s not fast to do.

Answered my own questions.

My takeout is 750GB and Google takeouts failed on the export…I think I’ll just wait for ML