If a *.MOV file is in the library folder, but isn't showing up

…what could be causing it?

Running in Docker on Unraid. Before I go crazy and unleash PS on my media folder, which has over 5000 video files in it, I want to make sure it’s actually working correctly with a test group.

Is there something with FFMPEG that I need to address before videos will show up?

That seems legit: if you run a ./photostructure sync /path/to/file.mov --debug in an terminal open in your PhotoStructure container, it may provide a clue.

I’m tucking in for the night, but I’ll be online tomorrow (and I’m on discord if you want real-time debugging help)

I ran it.

./photostructure was found in the /ps/app/ folder and after running it I don’t see any results. Should I look somewhere for output?

Did you add --debug? It should be quite chatty. It also responds to --help.

I did. Nothing in the console.

Pesky. Can you try this

./photostructure sync-file --force --verbose /path/to/file.mov

(If there’s anything in the log that’s private, please XXX it out or email it to support@photostructure.com)



I’m no detective, but…I believe it was the butler with the candlestick in the library.

Updating maxAssetFileSizeBytes

What’s a totally ridiculous and unreasonable asset size that will really make things muddy? I have videos that are 5GB in size…etc.

Actually, this setting didn’t change anything…what am I missing?

That filter’s pretty simple: it’ll only misbehave if stat doesn’t work, and that’s quite reliable.

I suspect however you’re setting the setting isn’t getting seen by PhotoStructure. Are you using an environment variable, or editing a settings.toml?