Image Filepath not correct (Synology docker-compose alpha branch)

Using the most recent alpha available from docker on Synology, I’m seeing a incorrect/doubling of the path of the file (missing /var, doubling trailing part of path to file). I’m using Safari 13.1 on Catalina to view the webpage

This is a specific mount in the docker-compose that looks like this:

      - type: bind
        source: "/volume1/photo" # < CHANGE THIS LINE
        target: /var/photos-backup

Welcome to PhotoStructure, and thanks for taking the time to report this!

It looks like there are two issues going on:

The shortened path (that removed /var) is a bit tricky: I’d like file path elements to link to an fs hierarchical tag (so you can easily see all the contents and all descendant contents), but PhotoStructure only adds the folder hierarchy to assets from the mountpoint. In this case, /var/photos-backup is the “root” tag, and so it’ll get encoded as psfile://$VOLSHA/Vacations/2016/....

(see this to read about $VOLSHA, or VOLume uuid SHAs)

Long story long, I can’t linkify the /var element, so it’ll look like this in the next build:


The duplicated path isn’t something I’m able to reproduce on my libraries, though.

Edit: wow, I’m blind, mine is doing this too! I’ll get this fixed: you don’t need to send me anything.

Thanks again for the heads-up!

This is fixed for me in beta.9: @Scott8586 can you confirm?

I found another case that wasn’t handled properly: I rewrote this code last night. v1.0.0-beta.10 should render paths correctly now.