Manually editing capture time, title, and description/caption

Support for manually editing capture time, title, and description/caption

(taken from the What’s Next page)

Mass-edit would be useful, here. With digicams that do not, like modern smartphones, set their clocks automatically via NTP, it’s common to have an entire series of images with incorrect timestamps, with a consistent offset to correct–particularly just after daylight saving time change or physical transport of the camera to another time zone (“oh, no–I was in Central for that whole shoot, but my camera was still set to Pacific time”).

(Cameras using UTC internally, like any rationally-designed computing device does, would likely solve much of this. Grumblegrumblegrumble.)


I currently use a Windows program called “Exif Date Changer” for this purpose. My wedding photographer used two cameras, and one of them was set incorrectly, making it impossible for me to put my photos in chronological order. With Exif Date Changer, I was able to select all of the photos taken by the camera with the bad date, and then specify an offset to change them all to the correct time.

If Photostructure could (eventually) do that, awesome!