New Files Are Not Pulled Into the Library

Thank you for your work on this!

At least there’s an easy workaround to click Restart Sync until it can be fixed

OK OK V1.0.0-beta.10 released 🎉


For the people that upgraded to beta.10 or later: are you seeing the sync get rescheduled daily?

I’ll be looking at this tomorrow morning, as I dropped a bunch of new files earlier today!

At what time does the scheduled sync run? I dropped some new files yesterday that are not yet showing in Photostructure.

So at this point I can confirm that new photos are still not being pulled in on beta 12.

Here’s the output from info --sync-paths:

    nativePath: '/photos/',
    uri: 'psfile://3HZ4UtEZv/',
    lastUpdatedAt: 2021072021454327,
    lastCompletedAt: 2021072021454327,
    lastStartedAt: 2021072021405619
    nativePath: '/ps/library',
    uri: 'pslib:/',
    lastUpdatedAt: 2021072021454343,
    lastCompletedAt: 2021072021454338,
    lastStartedAt: 2021072021454330
  nextPathToSync: '/ps/library',
  restartSyncAt: '(sync is overdue!)'

OK. I’ve updated the sync rescheduler in beta.13 to run every hour with logging, so it’ll be way faster to debug.


Is there an ETA (other than soon™) on beta.13?