No syncing and SycnReport errors in logs

Expected Behavior

Expecting scheduled syncs to run

Current Behavior

Sync status i stale for 4 days. No new photos are imported.

Steps to Reproduce

Getting tens of thousands of these errors:
{“ts”:1653772495310,“l”:“error”,“ctx”:“SyncReport()”,“msg”:“Failed to write”,“meta”:“ERR_STREAM_DESTROYED: Cannot call write after a stream was destroyed at new NodeError (node:internal/errors:372:5); _write (node:internal/streams/writable:321:11); WriteStream.Writable.write (node:internal/streams/writable:334:10); A.onProgress (/ps/app/bin/sync.js:9:325195); t.precheckFiles (/ps/app/bin/sync.js:9:1031556); T.time (/ps/app/bin/sync.js:9:129891); f.E.fileListener [as fileHandler] (/ps/app/bin/sync.js:9:1010011); D.maybePopChildFile (/ps/app/bin/sync.js:9:253313); D._next (/ps/app/bin/sync.js:9:252197)”}


  • Docker Ubuntu
  • Currently running the container as root because I’m terrible with linux permissions (linux newbie) and I have a separate disk (virtual) that is dedicated to all photostructure container data and also bind mount to mounted cifs-shares in the OS. Root is owner of everything on the dedicated photostructure disk. So i guess permissions shouldn’t be a issue (?)
  • Did not experience this issue in the previous alpha build and the same docker/photostructure setup.

PhotoStructure edition: 2.1.0 alpha.1

I had the sync issue as well, known problem:

Thanks for the report @hanpq – I’ll try to reproduce this on my docker box and see what’s going on, but if the problem persists, could you send me debug logs so I can make sure what I’m seeing is what you’re seeing?

Dont know if its the correct email but sent the logs to