Remove "update now..." option when already updated

Expected Behavior

Clicking “Update now…” should not crash the app and subsequently require a reboot.

Current Behavior

App is currently up to date, but it still gives the option to “update now”. Clicking “update now…” closes the app, and prevents it from re-opening correctly. (reboot fixes it).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Click ‘Check for updates’ - confirmed we’re on the latest and greatest.
  2. Click ‘update now…’ to break the app.
  3. Don’t stress out, because support for this app is top notch and bug fixes are blazing fast.


Operating system and version: Windows 10 (10.0.19042) on x64

PhotoStructure edition: PhotoStructure for Desktops 1.0.0-beta.2

OMG thanks for reporting this!

You’re referencing the system tray menu, correct?

(I guess I’ve been using the menu bar when I test on my windows box, not the system tray, oops!)

I’ll get this fixed right now.


(also my post must be at least 20 characters to reply)

guh, I’ve looked for the discourse setting to disable that limit but failed… :expressionless:

The only reason I typed it out was to get past the limitation :laughing:

But if you really wanted to, google says it’s something like this:

first line parameter “min_post_length” in “/admin/site_settings/category/posting”

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It’s now 7

fwiw, electron’s system tray is no longer respecting the .visible field. I’m looking for a workaround now.

This (should be) fixed in beta.3 :tada:

Thanks again for reporting this!