Secure sharing of albums and assets


This feature will add the idea of a “library owner” (via an authentication token) that has full access to all assets, and an “library guest” which only has access to 1 or more specific albums.

This feature requires album support

Discussion of users and auth tokens here: Multi-user support

@mrm am I correct in assuming that this would only work from a self-hosted server (as opposed to running the desktop application)? Do you imagine there ever being a way for people running PS as a desktop app to be able to share albums?

The reason I ask is that while I’d be comfortable self-hosting to share my own photos, I know many people (my family, for example) would not. I think PS would work well for a lot of people, but sharing definitely seems like an issue.

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Short answer: all editions of PhotoStructure will have the same external functionality, so sharing will be available even to PhotoStructure for Desktop users.

Long answer:

All editions of PhotoStructure, running on any operating system, are designed to be interoperable with each other, and the main user interface is the same, including features like sharing.

In other words, you can “test the waters” by using PhotoStructure for Desktops, import the files on one computer, and then move your library to either a server or another computer, install PhotoStructure on that computer, and the library will open seamlessly (even if it’s a different operating system).


Exactly: my family is the same way. The goal is to make even my less-computer-literate family members feel comfortable with running their own instance of PhotoStructure.


Hi, @mrm. I’ve been wanting to securely share “albums” (arbitrary groups of photos defined by me) and assets for years. Versions of this request have been mentioned on this forum as “secure sharing”, “authentication” “multi-user support”, and probably others.

What’s the current ETA to be be able to securely share “albums” and assets?

This feature requires (multi) user auth to be done beforehand, which is the next feature I want to work on–I’ll make this ship with v3.

I would like to be able to share inclusively too, not just exclusively.

  • With person A, share ONLY albums A and B. Useful for sharing a particular event with extended friends and family.
  • With person B, share everything EXCEPT album C. Useful for sharing everything with trusted family, except for certain sensitive stuff. Maybe it’s pics of potential birthday gifts, pics you don’t want to share until your kid gets a bit older, etc.