What bulk operations on assets makes sense?

When viewing a tag, or selecting a bunch of assets, what operations should be available besides the following?

  • Fave/Unfave
  • Share (when sharing is a thing)
  • Resync
  • Add to album (when album creation is a thing)
  • Download as zip
  • Hide
  • Exclude
  • Trash

(See Right click on a photo -> open in Finder)

(Edit: added resync and reordered)

Re-sync would be good to be able to do on batches.

I noticed when importing my whole library that some pictures have gotten completly wrong datetaken values and I’m now trying to correct that so It would be good to select those pictures for a metadata update without having to rescan the complete library. :slight_smile:

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:+1: I’ll add that.

Is this a bug in PhotoStructure, or just missing metadata in your files?

  • tag
  • remove tag
  • adjust timestamp
    • possibly more general, like adjust metadata, then specify what and how

Sorry! Let me clarify for the record, it was incorrect metadata on the files that I happend to first notice when scrolling through the photostructure library and timeline. So photostructure was not the cause.

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Start slideshow (when slideshow is a thing)


Adjust timestamp is a good idea.

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Tagging/keywording. The ability to do this to many files at once is what would change photostructure from a collection of photographs into a library – a place that organises them in our minds as well as on disk.

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Add to album would be good

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