1.1.0 an entire path is missing from photostructure list but the images are present in html

(This is running in docker)

Initially I imported from two sources: /var/photo-dump & /var/photos. That’s where the lion’s share of the pictures came in–around 180,000.

I made a new, smaller dir meant to be manually purged after ps imported its contents into the library. Sort of a staging directory as new photos from the last few days trickle in. I named this one /var/intake.

I let ps ingest all that stuff (only 1400) and then circled back to check the work:
find /mnt/intake -type f | sort > source.list
list > imported.list

After some grepping around, I found that no photo that was in /mnt/intake is listed in imported.list… But I can see them plain as day in the web frontend. There’s not even one instance of the word ‘intake’ in all of imported.list.

This seems like the kind of thing where Mr. User missed a step and ends up asking dumb questions on a forum… but here we go!

Edit: I’m following these instructions to get where I am.