2.1.0-alpha.0 Weird Issue

I’m just excited to start alpha testing, so I thought I would create my first bug post ahead of time. I’ll update once I ACTUALLY find my first bug.

Cheers @mrm :slight_smile:


Me seeing this post before I even make the announcement post

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I guess the only bug I have to report is that the sync progress bar didn’t stay visible after I browsed away from the home screen and then came back (I sent you logs on this already, but no rush!).

And even that isn’t a big deal now that my library is synced.

So yeah, this may be the most functionally solid alpha I’ve ever seen. Good job!!

On the Linux Desktop version the progress bar re-appears, though.

I’m pretty sure the Docker version is the same build as the Linux Desktop version, just with the added stuff needed to make a functional container. It seems more likely to be a browser issue.

But either way, the progress bar “issue” isn’t really an issue, because:

  • it seems unlikely I’ll ever be looking at Photostructure when it’s syncing the half a dozen photos I may have taken that day


  • There’s a sync log that I can look at any time to figure out if/why something didn’t sync the way I expected it to.

I agree, the progress bar isn’t really “critical”, but it helps first-time users understand what’s going on right when they set things up, and first impressions are critical.

@tkohhh can you DM me your browser and any extensions you’ve got enabled?