2.1.0-alpha.1 - Invalid file: spawn Unknown system error -8

Expected Behavior

JPG Files to be imported into the library.

Current Behavior

Sync Error Log Shows the following error

rejected,Invalid file: spawn Unknown system error -8²⁶

Sync Error Log

1653446467021,/Batch 4/2017-05-17 16.00.22.jpg,rejected,Invalid file: spawn Unknown system error -8²⁶,,326

1653446469406,/Batch 4/2017-05-19 23.31.12.jpg,rejected,Invalid file: spawn Unknown system error -8²⁶,,2385

1653446470564,/Batch 4/2017-06-05 21.34.20.jpg,rejected,Invalid file: spawn Unknown system error -8²⁶,,1158

1653446472209,/Batch 4/2017-06-22 11.12.54.jpg,rejected,Invalid file: spawn Unknown system error -8²⁶,,1645

Files Exist, Are valid JPGs and can be viewed by Preview on macOS.

./photostructure info shows that EXIF data is correctly extracted from the file but also results in the following:

rejected: [ 'isValidFile' ]
validFile: 'spawn Unknown system error -8²⁶'

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run Library Import

Seems to occur across multiple files in different directories.


Operating system and version:macOS Monterey (Mac Mini; M1,8GB)
PhotoStructure edition:PhotoStructure for Node
Node: v18.2.0

Can you email me the result of ./photostructure info --debug ... please?

Also: the errno is 8, not 8^26. The superscript 2 and 6 are error flags:

export const FatalErrorFlag = ErrorFlags["¹"]
export const NonRetriableErrorFlag = ErrorFlags["²"]
export const IgnorableErrorFlag = ErrorFlags["³"]
export const PleaseSendErrorFlag = ErrorFlags["⁴"]
export const HealthCheckErrorFlag = ErrorFlags["⁵"]
export const DoNotSendErrorFlag = ErrorFlags["⁶"]
export const RetriableErrorFlag = ErrorFlags["⁷"]
export const HealthCheckWarningFlag = ErrorFlags["⁸"]

Ah never seen the superscript in errors before but I like it.

Log sent by DM.

I haven’t either: the alternative (which many projects use, like TypeScript, and certainly has benefits) is to provide error codes for every codepath.