2 albums with shared assets

I’m clearly overthinking this process, but hoping it’s a common query. I want to run photostructure with 2 accounts on the same machine for person A and person B. From there, I want an automated album based on faces to be created from person A, to share with person B. Then ideally, these photos /videos shows up within person B’s album. (OR I suppose a shared album at the least). This I’d like going the other direction too. Is this possible?

Essentially A and B have their own set of media, but only want to share a portion of it to each other.
Like this little diagram.

Love any help!

Currently Photostructure does not have multiple user accounts, nor does it have album sharing. Both are existing feature requests (Multi-user support, Secure sharing of albums and assets) that are quite popular, and @mrm has indicated that multi-user support will be his next priority following the major under the covers overhaul that he’s currently working on.