35 second loading error

When I first start photostructure after rebooting my desktop, about half of the time it will get stuck on the loading page and then show the 35 second timeout loading error. However, it will start properly if I restart the program a 2nd time.

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Oof, sorry about that!

Can you share what OS you’re using and what edition of PhotoStructure you’re using?

PhotoStructure can get “stuck” during startup if any network shares are not healthy (because df or Get-PSDrive -PSProvider FileSystem will hang). For more details, see https://photostructure.com/faq/troubleshooting/#unhealthy-network-shares

No apologies please!

I’m on a Windows 10 and using v0.9.1.

I do have a few temperamental network shares, I’ll look next time it hangs to see if any are broken. However, all of the pictures and photostructure libraries are on local drives.

I was actually just having a parallel email thread with someone on macOS, also with temperamental volumes, and we realized PhotoStructure could only fetch metadata from the library and cache volumes: we really only need .uuids from other volumes, and only when they’re scanned.

I’ll sleep on it: thanks for the update!