A) Progress bar sync and b) jpeg or jpg

The progress bar is very acurate. :slightly_smiling_face: See image.

It looks like that photo’s with the extension jpg are not noticed during sync and photos with .jpeg are. Is this correct? Apple photo exports photos (in one way) with the extension jpg. In another way it can exports photo’s with jpeg. In both ways of export photostructure recognizes the faces.

Thanks for the heads-up! That 1.90000000000000000000000000057% tooltip will be fixed in the next build.

No: PhotoStructure should import .JPG and .JPEG images, as well as 30+ other image and video format extensions. File extension case (.jpeg vs .JPEG) is ignored.

If PhotoStructure isn’t importing an image, it’s probably due to one of the filters blocking the image from being imported. This page should help:

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean by this.

PhotoStructure currently doesn’t do face detection, but looks at metadata and Google Takeout sidecars to import face tags. More details are here: PhotoStructure | How does PhotoStructure extract keywords from my photos and videos? and here: PhotoStructure | How to import Google Photos into PhotoStructure

Your answer is clear. Yes, jpg and jpeg both work. I was too impatient to wait for the sync.

FYI: I didn’t mean facial recognition but extracting the facial information from the photo file. In apple photo I can export a photo to jpeg in 2 ways. With or without .xmp file. An .xmp file includes a face in PS with tag Keyword: . The other way includes a face in PS as tag Who: .