Abbreviate folder paths on small screens

I have photostructure saved to homescreen on an iPhone.

When browsing long folder paths via “View by folder” the breadcrums is basically mostly tripple-dots :slight_smile:

A suggestion would be to hide the parent folders or replace with an generic “up”
Enough space: / / / /
Smaller: UP / /
Smaller: UP /
Tiny: UP / <fold…>

And also when using a “mapped”/“save to homescreen” website on iOS it loses all standard web-browser controls so maybe a “<-”-button in the header would be good. I know you can edge-swipe on iOS to do a “back”/“forward” but not everybody knows it :slight_smile:

Good catch.

Perhaps I could shorten it to icon of root tag / ... / current tag name, and make the … be a dropdown of all the parent tags?

That seems a good solution

Yeah that sound good