:about page is misleading: it doesnt reflect a live sync

I have start.sh running and i can visit and it states “synced” 1hr ago.

I am currently running a sync in --debug mode watching it walk over the data.

Why does :about not know a sync is running?

Howdy and welcome to PhotoStructure, @geeohgeegeeoh !

The /about endpoint’s sync status table is currently only from state it sees in the library database.

It can see the evidence of sync doing work via the Progress table (which is what feeds the sync progress panel), but to be perfectly honest, I hadn’t really thought of how to wire an RPC ping-pong message.

The main process (which is spun up by start.sh) opens an RPC channel for all sub-processes to listen on for state changes like “paused” or “shut down”. What I just realized is web could broadcast a request for all current sync processes to give a status report, so both the /about and progress panels would be updated in realtime (rather than sync writing to a table that web is polling).

I’ll cook this up as soon as v2.1 is in alpha, thanks for the idea!


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Update: I removed the RPC socket in v2.1-alpha.1, and am adding tests for this new shared-state stuff now.

alpha for OSX Big Sur available? Thats what I’d be testing on. HTH, if/when it helps you.

Thanks for the offer! I’m squashing the last set of bugs found in the last build and will be rebuilding alpha.2 soon (tonight or tomorrow if all goes well). I’ll post a forum announcement and in Discord when it’s ready.)