Add menu links for albums and who

One thing I miss is a menu shortcut for Albums and Who. Currently you need to go to Home and then scroll down until you find the headers Albums and Who. I think these two would qualify for a direct link in the menu.


  • By date
  • By folder
  • Liked
  • By camera
  • By lens
  • By keywords
  • By file type


  • Albums
  • Who

In my opinion Albums and Who are far more interesting than lens, camera and file type. It may be interesting to see how others prioritize these. My list would be

  • Timeline (Already exists a feature request for this I believe)
  • Albums
  • Who
  • By date
  • By keyword
  • By folder

In case there would be too many views cluttering up the main menu maybe a setting should exist allowing you to select which ones to show.

As always, good job :slight_smile:

Kind regards

Maybe I’m missing something but where do you see Albums? I’m on v1.1.0 of PS. Whether I scroll down the menu on the left of through the photos on the right, I never see Album.

I, too, would like to see an Album view. But albums can mean different things to different people. I organize my pictures in a year/month hierarchy but these result in Folders. I consider albums different.

Maybe I haven’t created any albums??? Time to review the documentation again. :slight_smile:

@mrm can correct me if I’m wrong but full album support is work in progress. However if you make sure that your keyword hierarchies are set up with a root keyword of Album/Albums (a setting) photostructure will pick those up and put them into a separate heading under Home exactly like Who is connected to the “Person” or “People” root keywords.

So even though albums and all features related to that is still work in progress you can already have nice views of logically grouped pictures just like albums by just tagging them with keywords.

Ahhh. So if I understand your reply correctly, currently these are more like pseudo-albums. Reading your explanation, it sounds like I need to create a keyword hierarchy external to PS, tag my photos with that and then PS will organize albums for me. Hmmm. Not sure that’s what I want to do. But it does explain how the Who category is created. I noticed in digiKam all the People are in a People category. I suppose I can do something similar with locations, places or other macro category. It would mean I need to retag a lot of photos.

Other photo album solutions I use are SmugMug and Piwigo; both of which have the concept of SmartAlbums where an album is created based on criteria such as keyword(s), dates, etc. I really like the performance of PS but for family and friend viewing of my photos, looking through event, location or other keyword smart albums is easier on me for creation and easier for them for viewing.

I continue to use PS for macro management of my photos. It is a slick solution for that. I have not found the holy grail of photo/video sharing yet. Each solution has its set of issues. SmugMug has video size limits. Piwigo has poor performance when using your folder structure.

For now, I will continue to use multiple tools. Thanks again for your explanation.