Am I thinking about settings.toml incorrectly?

I’m running Ubuntu 22.04 and have the alpha channel cloned and running.

When I create a single [config_dir]/settings.toml file and add PS_EXPOSE_NETWORK_WITHOUT_AUTH=“true” the www server comes up beyond my localhost (as expected)

In my OCD/over tweaking tendencies… I blow that settings.toml away and then copy the entire alpha default settings and paste it into a new settings.toml file and search the long file for the above commented out key and enable the EXPOSE option and change it to “true”


The www server stays constrained to my localhost at that point.

Should it? Is settings.toml just for 1 off changes to defaults as I need them for my particular needs?

Ah - user error… I’ve got a set of scan paths from nfs mounts and found that I was using " around the json multi paths instead of ’

Guessing I invalidated the config somewhere in there.

Copied the raw file in for defaults, made my changes… and… voila.

I’m my own customer support - I’m here all day.

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Heya @craigcook !

Yes: you only need to uncomment and edit a given setting if the default isn’t what you want.

If you visit the /settings page, change anything, and click save, know that PhotoStructure tries it’s best to retain any changes you’ve made to any setting, but if you’ve reformatted anything, expect the entire file to be rewritten automatically (and your values to be re-encoded using PhotoStructure’s TOML formatter.

Also know that as new versions are released, some settings may be deprecated, and if there’s a migration path to a new setting, I’ll automatically update the deprecated setting to the new name and format.

For arrays, here’s the documentation:

It should look like this:

scanPaths = [

Also, keep in mind the scanPaths setting is a system setting.