Android TV native app


I am hoping for eventual native Android TV app to get PhotoStructure to big screen TV. That’s it for “feature request”.

Now, I decided to try PhotoStructure on Nvidia Shield TV via web browser. Sideloaded Firefox and attempted to access local PhotoStructure’s IP:port - got blank screen. Hmmm. Installed “native” Puffin TV browser - connection refused. Then I tried to access my router address - same. Then Synology’s NAS IP - same. So, turns out Shield TV can’t access any LAN IP addresses via web browser. Googled, googles, googled… nothing. I temporarily enabled port forwarding on my router for PhotosStructure host:port, typed WAN modem IP address my ISP gave me and it worked. Obviously, I can’t have it enabled and it’s silly to go through internet for local network resources.

So, has anyone tried to access LAN web via any Android TV browser? Any ideas why this does not work?


This could be several things:

  1. Did you enable remote-access?

  2. Is the Android TV on the same IP subnet as your PhotoStructure server? (I have two subnets at home: one for “trusted” devices, like our cellphones, laptops, NAS, and server, and another, different subnet for IoT devices, like the thermostat and smart plugs, so they can’t cause mischief to humans).

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if they blackhole all private IP ranges (10.x.x.x/24 and 192.168.x.x/32) in the interests of security. There was a recent issue with several websites that did what effectively was portscanning of local IPs. I don’t have one of these devices so I can’t test this theory :thinking:

That’s might be something for me to look at. I’ll google a bit more, post to Nvidia forums and report back here.


Turns out Chrome does not blackhole private IPs. I managed to install it on the Shield (also, a quest by itself lol), and can see PhotoStructure library… But this thing sucks! I had to use keyboard and mouse (like an animal! :)). This is not how TV experience supposed to be. :frowning: I am not sure if there are other Android browsers that are a) don’t blackhole private IPs and b) give decent “couch” UX.

How do you guys view your PhotoStructure library on TV?

@mrm Any plans for native Android TV app in the future? What’s about AppleTV? I don’t own it, but if this is a decent option, I would get it.