ARM server (Pi 4) Docker support

Hello. Are there any plans to add ARM support for PhotoStructure? I’d like to install it on my Pi 4 server for continuous access.

Howdy! Instructions are here:

If you don’t mind slow imports, you can skip over the settings that disable advanced deduping, and just use the Ubuntu instructions.

Please tell me how it goes!

Thanks, and it’s great to see support for ARM even if experimental. What about a Docker for ARM version? It’s much more convenient to test new services using Docker in order to keep things clean and isolated.

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Yup, I certainly want to add a multiarch docker image. I actually talked about this on Reddit the other day:

I want to support arm docker, but docker hub doesn’t support multiarch manifests yet. :sob:

Right now the docker images are built directly from the GitHub repo, so users don’t have to trust that I didn’t add anything nefarious to the image.

If I add multiarch, I have to build and push the images myself (or maybe use GitHub Actions? I’ll poke at that).

This would be great! Thanks for making this product. I am excited to try it on my RPI4 8GB today.

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