AssetFileImporter error "unexpected missing asset file id"

Can someone tell me what this error means:

2021-09-10T12:41:49.137Z sync-file-17436 error AssetFileImporter(/photos/2017/La Reunion/IMG_20170722_220528.Jpg) _apply(): unexpected missing asset file id { path: '/photos/2017/La Reunion/IMG_20170722_220528.Jpg',
   { '$ctor': 'models.AssetFile',
     aperture: 2,
     assetId: 35,
     capturedAtLocal: 2017072222052905,
     capturedAtPrecisionMs: 10,
     capturedAtSrc: 'tags:SubSecDateTimeOriginal',
     fileSize: 2485692,
     focalLength: '4.7 mm',
     height: 3036,
     iso: 1278,
     make: 'Google',
     meanHash: 'PRwYuDgYAMADIAAAJLi8/gMgGDg4OBjA',
     mimetype: 'image/jpeg',
     mode0: 658,
     mode1: 1536,
     mode2: 1540,
     mode3: 690,
     mode4: 662,
     mode5: 1568,
     mode6: 1572,
     model: 'Pixel',
     mountpoint: '/photos',
     mtime: 1603028785035,
     rotation: 0,
     sha: 'bzU8PIMWcx8A6zAF/WyVEOJdK235svSZ',
     shutterSpeed: '1/14',
     uri: 'psfile://3W3YxT6PS/2017/La%20Reunion/IMG_20170722_220528.Jpg',
     version: 11,
     width: 4048 } }

I actually saw this error in my own library a day or two ago and fixed that codepath.

Sorry for the hassle: I’ll try to get the next release with this fix out the door as soon as I can!