Best way to locate a specific "duplicate"?

When I take photos, especially of people, I will often take several shots in fairly rapid succession. In Photostructure, I find that if I took 15 photos, I might only be shown 4 different shots with the rest grouped as duplicates beneath one of those 4 shots.

I think my preference would be that “similar” shots not be marked as duplicates ever, but short of that, I at least need to be able to manually select which shot is the best shot (and should therefore be displayed in Photostructure).

In a related problem, there is one photo that I know exists (because I can locate the file in the folder), but I cannot for the life of me figure out which parent image it is grouped under. Is there an easy way to track down that photo in Photostructure, perhaps by using the file name?

Is this the same request, right? Support for “stack” or "burst" management

I’ve got a ton of these in my library as well.

I guess let me boil it down to two independent questions:

  1. Can duplicate identification be made strict enough that burst-type images are not identified as duplicates?

  2. How can I locate a specific file name in Photostructure?

Lastly, if 1 is not possible, then I really need a way to pick which version of a duplicate shows in Photostructure, which would indeed be the feature request that you linked.

There’s a new “meta” setting called strictDeduping that sets the following:

  Settings.useImageHashes.envValue = true
  Settings.minExposureSettingsCoeffPct.envValue = 98
  Settings.minImageCoeffPctWithExactDate.envValue = 95
  Settings.minImageCoeffPctWithFuzzyDate.envValue = 95
  Settings.minGreyscaleImageCoeffPct.envValue = 95
  Settings.minColorCoeffPct.envValue = 95
  Settings.minMeanCoeffPct.envValue = 95
  Settings.modeCorrCieDiffWeight.envValue = 1
  Settings.modeCorrIndexDiffWeight.envValue = 1

It also requires exactly the same captured-at time, so bursts should not be aggregated, as long as a sub-second captured-at is available.

The filename isn’t in the search index currently, but I think it really should be. There should be a feature request to add it, but it’ll basically support “image.jpg” naked searches, partial matches (like “dirname/image.jpg”), and a path: namespace (for disambiguation).

Cool, thank you!

In the meantime, how should I go about finding the asset that filename “ungabunga.jpg” belongs to?

Ah! You can use the list tool:

./photostructure list  --where "uri like '%ungabunga.jpg'" --dump

You can use jq to extract the asset ids, and xargs and xdg-open to get fancy:

./photostructure list  --where "uri like '%ungabunga.jpg'" --dump | \
  jq .assetId | uniq | \
  xargs -I '{}' -n 1 xdg-open "http://localhost:1787/asset/{}"

Here’s a vote for searching for file names… that’s important to me, anyhow:-)

What does it mean if I can get info returned (using ./photostructure info /photos/path/ungabunga.jpg), but nothing is returned when I do ./photostructure list --where "uri like '%ungabunga.jpg'" --dump?