Best way to use Ubuntu AppImage with multiple user system?

The Windows and Mac installers will make PhotoStructure available globally for all users (e.g. installed in C:\Program Files where all users can access it)

I believe the Ubuntu AppImage needs to be installed per-user. Can you confirm?


If you put the AppImage into a shared system directory, like /usr/local/bin or /opt, that should work.

Update: due to the way AppImage updates are handled, each user would need to be able to write to that directory, so this isn’t a good solution.

Ideally, it’d be packaged and a snap or .deb, and installed as a normal application, but the last time I tried those package types, there were kinks to iron out (snap had launch issues, and the .deb needed me to publish an apt repository directory for updates).

Aptly handles this pretty well. This is what I used for the Yarn Debian repository :slight_smile: The source for the Yarn repo is here: GitHub - yarnpkg/releases: Linux package repository (Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS) for Yarn releases

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Those update scripts look straightforward :100: thanks!

In Yarn’s case, we wanted to host the repo on GitHub Pages (I can’t really remember why) so there were a few hacks to handle committing the apt repo to Git. If you’re fine hosting it on a regular server, you don’t need to bother with a lot of the weird things in the script and just doing aptly repo add and aptly publish update should suffice. Just need to expose Aptly’s public directory via your webserver somewhere, or I think it also has the ability to push the repo to S3.

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