Can a Time Machine volume be used as external media?

Probably not a photostructure-specific question, but I acquired a new SSD, usb C external drive and first thing I did was back up my Mac with Time Machine.

Since my new drive still has 1.5 GB free I would like to use it for a photostructure library, but my attempts to create a new library there did not work. e.g. Photostructure looks as if it is beginning the import process to that destination, but then hangs right there with no progress – it never indexes any photos.

I uninstalled and reinstalled Photostructure so I suspect this is just an issue with using an SSD that was previously designated for Time Machine?

Howdy @arlington !

There might be a couple things at play, but in either case, I suspect there’s an issue with PhotoStructure’s parsing of your hard drives, or “volumes”. Read more about volumes here.

If you open your “about” page and scroll down to the volumes section, you can see what PhotoStructure thinks is going on with your volumes.

  1. PhotoStructure will pause sync if it thinks the system volume or library volume are running out of free disk space. The default is 8gb, but if the volume parsing is bugged, it may think either volume is full.

  2. There’s some other volume parsing issue with that drive (possibly with extracting UUIDs), and that’s causing issues with sync.

I’m assuming you’re using the v1.1.0 Desktop edition?

There were a handful of different macOS volume types that v1.1 doesn’t know how to handle. I’ve improved volume parsing in the v2.1 branch, but know that the PhotoStructure for Desktops build on macOS doesn’t work with the latest update of gatekeeper, so if you want to try v2.1 on mac you have to use either PhotoStructure for Docker or PhotoStructure for Node.

Alternatively, if you want to DM me the result of diskutil list -plist and df -k -P I can verify that PhotoStructure is going to handle your TimeMachine drive properly.