Can I run photostructure as a website?

I’d love to be able to export my PhotoStructure to a server and be able to see the photos online by visiting a specific URL I don’t see that function advertised anywhere but it seems people are doing this from personal servers already.

To put it simply, is it possible to run PhotoStructure as a website?

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @kvncsy!

Yes, it’s designed for this: the UI is web-based, and uses a bunch of new browser features (like srcset) to make browsing fast even when served from limited upstream-bandwidth links.

Keep in mind that you host your own library, so it’s a bit “DIY”: how you set this up is all up to you. The basic options, though, are:

  1. Setting up a virtual private server and running PhotoStructure from there, or

  2. Running PhotoStructure from a computer at home, and setting up a secure tunnel to cloudflare for external access

This is discussed more in detail here: