Can the main folder be moved?

I use Lightroom Classic to organize my media on an Unraid NAS. I made the mistake of nesting the Photostructure folder under the same share that has all of my media.

Media is located at /Media
Photostructure is at /Media/Photostructure

When I want to publish to Photostructure, using Lightroom, I tag the photo/video I want to publish and then use the Lightroom publish feature to copy the file(s) to the Photostructure folder.

Recently, I decided to sweep my entire /Media folder for duplicates. Unfortunately I didn’t think ahead and naturally, the Photostructure folder contains duplicates as intended.

What I would like to do is create a new share on my NAS and move the entire Photostructure folder to that new share so the files aren’t nested in my archives.

Is that possible?

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Got it.

  1. Stop Photostructure
  2. Create new share and connect to it.
  3. Create new Hard Drive publish service in Lightroom CC. Since this will be its own share, there will be a sub-folder created under the share. We’ll call that “Library” or “bananas” whatever you want.
  4. Publish to new folder… you’ll have to do this because of Lightroom CC.
  5. use rsync to sync old folder /mnt/user/Media/Photostructure to new folder /mnt/user/Photostructure … this ensures all hidden files that PS needs are moved:
rsync -azvp /mnt/user/Media/Photostructure/ /mnt/user/Photostructure/Library/
  1. Point photostructure to the new photo library path.
  2. Start photostructure. It should appear that nothing has changed.

Hang on to the old folder as long as it makes you feel good. Then delete it.

Glad you got a resolution!

Know that the library root directory can be moved anywhere you want (given that PhotoStructure is shut down beforehand).

All assets within your library originals directory are referenced within the database as a path relative to the base originals directory, so changing where your library lives doesn’t change any asset URIs (and is why that directory is moveable).

Designed well, and makes sense.

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