"Cannot find project path for tools" error during import

Expected Behavior

I’m trying to import files to my library

Current Behavior

Importing fails, and the logs show an error saying “Cannot find project path for tools”. Looking at the logs in more detail, I can see this error repeating for every file that photostructure tries to import. The actual error seems to be:

'Error: Error: invalid file /import/01/Takeout/Google Photos/2010-11-19/Front.jpg: Cannot find project path for tools¹⁶',
        '    at F.processItem (/ps/app/bin/sync.js:3:624584)',
        '    at async Object.t.thenTap (/ps/app/bin/sync.js:3:474093)',
        '    at async /ps/app/bin/sync.js:3:517793'


I’m using the photostructure Docker container, and running it inside a Kubernetes cluster. All my files (import directory, library, etc) are mounted from an NFS share. As far as I can tell, the PATH variables etc. all seem ok:

2021-06-25T15:28:47.279Z sync-558 debug ChildProcess spawn() { command: '/usr/local/bin/node',
  args: [ '/ps/app/bin/sync-file.js' ],
  maxAgeMs: 1800000,
   { env:
      { PATH:
        HOSTNAME: 'photostructure-596bfb6cbf-zqrgw',
        NODE_VERSION: '14.17.0',
        YARN_VERSION: '1.22.5',
        PS_DOCKER: '1',
        PS_LIBRARY_PATH: '/ps/library',
        PS_LOG_DIR: '/ps/logs',
        PS_CACHE_DIR: '/ps/tmp',
        PS_CONFIG_DIR: '/ps/config',
        PS_FORCE_LOCAL_DB_REPLICA: 'true',
        PS_LOG_LEVEL: 'info',
        (...I removed some Kubernetes env vars here),
        HOME: '/root',
        NODE_ENV: 'production',
        VIPSHOME: '/target',
        PS_LOG_COLOR: 'true',
        PS_HTTP_PORT: '1787',
        PS_COPY_ASSETS_TO_LIBRARY: 'true',
        PS_SCAN_ALL_DRIVES: 'true',
        PS_CPU_LOAD_PERCENT: '100',
        PS_REPORT_ERRORS: 'true',
        LANG: 'C',
        LC_ALL: 'C' },
     detached: false,
     shell: false } }

Let me know if there are any other environment details that could be relevant.

I’ve sent the full logs through the button in the app, but let me know if it would be helpful to also include them here.

Update: I changed the image from latest to 1.0.0-beta.9 and that seems to have solved the issue :slight_smile:

Sorry: you beat me to it.

You can use the photostructure/server:beta label to automatically pick up newer beta and stable builds (I tag stable releases with :alpha and :beta so you get the best release automatically).