Cannot view web UI or start sync during setup

Hi there,

I am trying to setup this on a raspberry pi running ubuntu server, and I followed the instructions for Node.

I cannot login to the web UI, and my library isn’t getting created when I start the process with ./

I am seeing the message: failed: Error: Cannot start, library path is unset¹
It seems like the library is not getting created at all, not much is happening when it says it started.

Any idea what might be going wrong?

Howdy, welcome to PhotoStructure, @jakeraspberry !

I’d try the alpha (which is currently v2.1), or the prealpha branch:

git fetch
git checkout alpha

You can also run with ./ --verbose to get logging emitted to stdout, which may provide more clues.

(The main branch is waiting for v2023.8 to become stable on all other platforms before I promote it to main/stable)