Can't log in to PhotoStructure after paying for subscription

I recently reactivated a subscription to try and use PhotoStructure again. No matter what computer I go to, when i go to I get a redirect to that says:

Expired link
This link has expired. This means that your payment has already been processed or your session has expired.

I’ve tried diffferent browsers, different computers, clearing cache, etc… I get the behavior from the app itself and the browsers.

Thanks for reporting, and apologies for the glitch. I’ll check the server logs this morning and see what’s going on.

Any update? Now the login to is saying i need to pay again even though my credit card was already charged…

Sorry for the delay: Stripe’s customer update webhook didn’t seem to fire properly when your account was reactivated, which meant the PhotoStructure database was out of sync with Stripe.

I just extended a new trial period to your new subscription and Stripe’s webhook fired correctly. If you log in you should see that your subscription state is now in a 30 day trial.

Thanks for reporting the issue. Cheers, and happy new year!

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Thank you, appreciate it. Happy new year!