Categories/tags with Hidden & Locked Photo Option

I have photos and videos in PS that I would like to Hide and/or Lock from general viewing. I would like to see 2 or more “hidden and or locked categories/tags” that would not be visible at the start of PS, yet could be displayed on their own if I unlock or unhide them. When no longer needed category can be re-hidden and/or re-locked automatically to keep from accidental general viewing. The hidden or locked files need not be encrypted, just the views managed in the PS database. Easy bulk selection of hidden/locked files should be from the home screen by mouse selection. If I can create “Family” tags, Vacations, etc. would make PS more useful.

Similar to photos moved to the trashcan, the hidden/locked photos would no longer be visible on the home screen, only as their own category/tag. Like the trashcan view.

With user authentication and permission levels, I would like to be able to assign a user to a group, then give that group the rights to see or block them from seeing specific photos based upon a tag attached to the group rights. That way, I could be selective about not just whether or not the photos is visible, but who it is visible to.

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