Checking library database failed then on stop/start of docker empty library and sync started over

Hello. I am running
|Edition|PhotoStructure for Servers
On unraid.

It has been running for days and imported about 35.000 out of 300.000 files. I was watching the ps web page to monitor imports at the top and then the health check failure appeared.

@mrm I have a DM to you in discord with system info and other details about a different issue.

I wonder what I can do to pick up at the last automatic db backup? perhaps I can use that or do something else to take advantage of all the work it and I have done up to this point?? Let me know

Thank you. Paul

Heya @pktech!

Apologies for the sync glitch. What health check error are you seeing?

Hello. This is the screen shot I took before “trying again” and stopping and starting docker.

Hmm, dang, that screenshot doesn’t help much.

If you retained prior logs, feel free to DM to me, those may include the reason why the db health check failed.

Yes, the logs should still be there. Are there any in particular of interest?

Also, I noticed there are backups of the db, can I make one of those older ones active…plus something else, and it will pick up where it left off?

I wonder if it has anything to do with me browsing, marking for deletion and at times empting the trash that might have triggered something :thinking:

You can restore a db: PhotoStructure | How to restore your library from a database backup

But the issue is that the db assumes it is in sync with the .photostructure/previews directory, so if you, say, restore a db with only 100 assets, and previews has 200 assets, there will be collisions (that sync should figure out and repair as it goes, but it requires some time).

If you have to restore a db from a backup, basically something really wrong has happened, and I’d like to see if I can gather enough clues from the shrapnel left on the floor to see what went boom (and avoid it next time).

There shouldn’t be any way to make PhotoStructure crash just by clicking buttons in the UI.

Alright, thank you. Well, let me know what else I can send or do. I am on hold until you finish up your next release or let me know other wise :slight_smile: