"ChildService" "missing validation image"

Hi mrm,

Since updating to the eleventh beta I am seeing a few of these:
{“fatal”:true,“exit”:true,“status”:12,“pid”:25,“ppid”:18,“error”:“ChildService(sync).onStdout(): Error: ChildService(sync).onStdout()Cannot write to /ps/library: LibraryHealthChecks: copyExampleImageToLibraryDir(): missing validation image¹⁶”}

I checked and it does seem that I do have write access to /ps/library. Do you have some suggestions?

Many thanks for your amazing work as always :grinning:

Apologies for the glitch!

This error is caused by one of the startup validation processes: a directory can state that it is read/write, but file operations may still fail (if it’s an exotic FUSE mount, or if the anti-malware module decides to veto the file op, or …).

The only way I’ve found to reliably check is to actually do an example file op: create a directory, and actually write a test image to that directory.

I’m stumped to why the validation images would be missing, though: that should very reliably either work always or never.

Can you share your system information from your PhotoStructure About page with me via a dm?

(To clarify, this is done by PhotoStructure, automatically, as part of the library validation module. It’s this module that seems to be flaky for you.)

To temporarily skip this validation, set healthCheckLibraryIsWritable to false.