Clean up duplicate files on disk

I recently came across an open-source tool called Czkawka that does a bunch of useful processing on a given folder(s) of photos, including deduplication.

In my recent migration to manual organization I wanted to make sure that I didn’t lose any photos so I imported my Photostructure library to Digikam before switching over to using my Digikam library as a manual source for my Photostructure library. Needless to say, this meant I had a huge number of duplicates.

Czkawka is written in Rust and in my experience is very fast, utilizing every core on my machine (first time I “niced” a process on this machine). It did a great job of finding duplicates and I even used it to find a few “similar” photos and delete them.

Anyway, wanted to recommend this for others as it was greatly useful for me.

Thanks… definitely want to play with it.

Just for other options, I’ve found PhotoSweeper on the Mac to be pretty good for dupes.