Collapsible sections

I have a lot of people in my “who” section. Scrolling through the list to get to someone low in the alphabetical order takes a long time, and the infinite scrolling can’t keep up (leading to multiple “load more” clicks).

I realize one way around this is to not bother with the sections at all, just search for the name, but sometimes I really just want to see a list (let’s say for example, I can’t quite remember the name). So this leads me to this enhancement request:

Could we have a toggle to not load any thumbnails at all, just get a tag list? That way the list of names would load quickly and completely and can be scrolled very fast?

Alternatively, maybe show fewer thumbnails/previews if the section has more than a configurable number of entries?

This is painful for the When (and now the Where) tags, too!

I was thinking there could be a :arrow_down_small: in the header that lists all child tags, perhaps?

I also would like to add a +/- to pick the number of rows shown in each sample, which is similar to your idea too.

Not sure I can quite visualize your first idea, but the second one is a good idea.

I still think an option where it’s just a list (no thumbnails at all) would be good.

Or the “thumbnail size” button on top could have a fourth state that might look a bit like what the progress bar during a scan looks like… a bunch of tiny square in line with the section heading?