Color Me Impressed

So now that I have the server version working, thanks to portioner, color me impressed. I liked what I was seeing in the desktop version, but a lot of what I was reading about had not made its way there yet so I knew I wanted to test out the server version. Really nice. I mean REALLY nice work with this. Thanks so much for everything you’ve put into it.

I now need to start pouring through the feature requests, because, you know us pesky users/customers, we’re never happy. That said, I’d definitely enjoying it so far. I really like your way of adding metadata through the path/filename “–” format., makes it easy to try out ideas and short term fix things that will require some strong coffee and exiftool to address permanently. I’m also going though and starting to untangle the mess of keywords myself and others have placed in some of these images. My collection is overall several hundred thousand, and not just mine, I’m also the family archiver so have many collected from multiple sources.

A few random thoughts that may already be feature requests. I’ll read that category before formally entering them.

The archive feature is nice, but it might be nicer to tie it to a keyword. Mylio uses categories and then allows the viewer to only reflect certain categories. Much nicer than archiving on an image by image basis.

I can see a point where I would like to get a list of all images in a collection. For example, let’s say I found a keyword that has to go, or a series of images with bad gps. I’d love to have photostructure generate a list of where those images reside on disk that I could use as a target for working with exiftool to make the changes needed. While a multi-file export is useful, just having a list of where things are so I can script updates to their metadata would be nice.

The status on the server version of seeing what image is being processed and guesstimates of what is left is very handy. I like knowing that something is occurring.

Keyword Blacklist: Maybe this is just me, but I have, both through my own ill-thought out ideas and others “contributions” have lots of bad metadata in images. While my goal long term is to clean that up, until then it might be nice to sweep under the rug if you will. Have a blacklist of keywords I never want to see show up. The images can, just don’t start using them as categories and reference elements. Not sure, random thought.

Anyway, as I said at this point those are just random thoughts. Now that I have the docker version of this running, I’m in a very happy place. Going to play through the weekend but much of what was frustrating me in Mylio and other solutions is addressed here.


A follow-on note. I’m still evaluating PhotoStructure, but Matthew has made the price so reasonable and so so responsive with his time in supporting us all, I could not help but subscribe during the evaluation period. I really don’t believe I will be dropping the product, too impressed with the thought and design behind it. Unlike many other tools I have been evaluating, this one even at the alpha level seems very solid, and I’d rather have a solid functionally thin (sorry Matthew I don’t mean that in a bad way at all, I just know you have lots of items still on the drawing board) product than an all singing, all-dancing product that only works half the time. Plus I really like Matthew’s ethics as displayed in both design and business practice. From myself and I’m sure many of us here, a heartfelt thanks.


Thanks for taking the time to share all this feedback!

Blocklisting keywords is actually doable currently, but realize the blocklist is only applied as the files are imported or rebuilt, so it’s pretty ungainly to do in it’s current state.

Here’s the setting:

Thanks @mrm,

I didn’t know about the blocklist, which is interesting, but I was thinking more of a blacklist which would just ignore certain keywords but still include the asset in the library. It’s more of a cleaning up the reporting side to not show garbage keywords (for lack of a better phrase). One easy example is I still have a lot of photos with the “iPhoto Original” keyword from back in the day. What I am doing now is going in with exiftool and getting rid of it when I run across it, but it would be nice to just let it be and never display it. Does that make sense?

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Gotcha. Adding an “ignoreKeywords” setting would be trivial.