Combining Images

Is photostructure supposed to combine similar but not identical images? I noticed that a number of images which were taken by timer (like 10 images in quick sequence) were are combined into 1 by photostructure (see image). Is this the expected behavior?

The deduping heuristics are fairly complicated:

You can use the “info” tool and give it two files to have PhotoStructure explain why or why not two images will be considered duplicates.

It will aggregate images that are taken with the same camera and the same exposure information at the same moment (where “moment” has subsecond accuracy) with lower image content matching (to ensure RAW and jpg pairs get combined). If you DM me a couple example images, I’d be happy to look into it: the heuristics could certainly need tweaking for new use cases I haven’t considered.


I guess I don’t know if it is necessarily a bad thing or not. I could understand grouping photos like that together (when taken in quick succession with a timer) although sometime you want to see a “funny” photo and a “serious” photo. Perhaps if there was a way to break the photos apart and a way to choose the “best” photo to show from the group. Also I’ll have to check to see if it accurately grouped all of the photos from the timer shots we took.

I can send you some images from this.