Container in unhealthy state


I gave a first try for a quick test with the windows version and it was really nicely running.
Now I want to test on my little server/nas through docker and the experience is less plug’n play ;).
I cannot make it work so I increase log verbosity and I got the following in the container log (never stops so I put a big extract hoping it is enough): photostructure | pidEntry:photostructure | { pid: 146,photostru -

thanks for any hint

Can you provide your container definition?

Oups I forgot it. Here it is:

Howdy @Darrepac !

What’s the host OS for this docker image?

Debian 10 Buster (OpenMediaVault)

I haven’t seen this pid no longer present error on any of my test machines, but I’ll dig a bit and see if there’s something better I can do in that codepath. Thanks for sharing that log!