Copy url link to html editor

Hi, just installed PhotoStructure and have spent some time reading the docs. I’m struggling with copy and paste of an image link path. I cant see where to pick up the url path of an image to paste elsewhere. Is this possible?

Never mind, I figured it out.

Welcome to PhotoStructure @ccer!

  • You can right-click on an asset and “copy link to image”. If you’re using PhotoStructure for Desktops, you can always open a browser to http://localhost:1787 if you prefer.

  • The v2023.11 builds have a “copy path to clipboard” in the asset info panel

  • If you want to manually assemble a direct link to an image, it’s:


:reducer can be fit (uncropped) or sq (cropped to square)

:width is best-effort: PhotoStructure will stream the already-rendered browser-friendly version of that asset with the closest requested width. To avoid confusion, v2023.11 will redirect to the correct, canonical URL before streaming the image.

Many thanks for your detailed response. My problem was that I have 16000 images and Photostructure had not finished syncing and processing when I was trying to copy a link. All good now. Thanks again.

or http://localhost:1787/img/:assetId/actual for the full size original, if I am not mistaken