Coral TPU (plus any future low cost AI Chip support)

I have a QNAP NAS and it allows you to use Coral TPU - Products | Coral but only really with their software (QuMagie), which actually sucks at deduplication and organising your photos.

There has been some noise on the PhotoPrism site about using not supporting a Coral TPU, some seemed to have managed a way to hook it in. (I couldn’t fathom it)

It supports TensorLite - Models  |  TensorFlow Lite

I personally would pay for the premium (plus) if this kind of support was there, especially if done in such a way you could leverage any ML you have at home, maybe with some sort of plugin architecture (Thinking also Nvidia 3D cards that are putting it out there now… and still yet to play with myself)

Plus for those that like to do this kind of stuff all at home this kind of feature sits well there… you may have a low powered PC but with a USB TPU chip or 3D card doing the classification and also identifying duplicates, would make this a powerful tool.

Thanks for posting, @tdaddy78 !

I thought the Coral was a compelling idea, and I’ve tried several times to get my hands on one for at least a year now, and every supplier I’ve found is so backordered that they won’t even take reservations (if you have a link to a supplier, please share!).

The lack of availability for the device (even currently) means I really can’t prioritize any device support–but the next release will have support for plug-in “curators” that can return both metadata and namespaced embeddings, so support could be added by anyone (and I’ll happily host examples on this forum in a new section)

Edit 1: I just checked, and sketchy amazon sellers are scalping them for $78-100. Mouser has them for $62, but seems that you have to wait 10 weeks?

I also read several reviews that complain about the USB edition disconnecting regularly – do you have the device, and see this issue?

Edit 2: Mouser actually has them in stock currently, and I was able to order one ($8 shipping)!

I’ll play with it when it gets delivered and update this thread with progress!

I got mine from (in Dec 2023) RS Components in UK it cost £52 plus VAT and took a week. Seems like they have a small delay now on Back Order.

I think plugin is the way to go, really you just need to have conduit to offload the processing to ‘someother’ chip and then it gets returned back to the service

So far had no disconnection issues its plugged direct into my (red) USB port. It seems to always work whenever I use it on the NAS.

Look forward to seeing the updates whn yours arrives.