Data backups

I am wondering what I should back up when using PhotoStructure. I have setup PhotoStructure as follows

  1. I have selected “Manual” location of photos
  2. I have set PhotoStructure to copy photos & videos into my library

All the original photos and videos are backed adequately (in line with the advice “How do I safely store my files?

At the moment I understand that I could reproduce the library from the original files.

Should I back anything up?
If so do I need to backup the whole PhotoStructure folder or just .photostructure folder


I backup the entire photostructure folder, not just the .photostructure sub-folder.

Why? photostructure creates xmp (sidecar) files next to the picture for any metadata changed within photostructure. Right now the only metadata that photostructure edits/creates is image rotation, but that’s (hopefully) going to greatly expand in future releases.

Not sure if this answers everything, but refer you here:

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@bdillahu thanks, that’s the post I was going to refer to as well.

I actually just edited the TL;DR: in that post to be a bit more nuanced:

  1. Absolutely, positively back up your original assets. Whether that be backups of your original directories, or your new organized photostructure library, make sure one (or both!) have a backup.

  2. If you have the space, you can back up the .photostructure directory, but if your library is large, the size of the .photostructure/previews directory can actually crash some backup software.

Thanks to everyone, I am now backing up the original files and the PhotoStruture library except .photostructure/previews