Deduplicating phone / lightroom images with slightly different ISOs

Hi, I’m just starting out so please excuse me if this is user error.

I’m trying to build a new Photostructure library from a number of different sources. In many cases I have 4 versions of the same picture -

  • original DNG picture from my phone
  • original JPEG picture from my phone
  • orig DNG picture imported into lightroom with a lightroom keyword added
  • orig JPEG picture above imported into lightroom with a lightroom keyword added

I was expecting the de-duplicating algo to result in

  • all 4 versions being classified as the same picture
  • only 2 versions of the files being saved, one DNG and one JPG, both with the keyword

However it appears that photostructure is copying all 4 versions into the library and thinks the DNG and JPEG versions are different pictures in the album.

Is this the expected result?


Howdy, thanks for trying PhotoStructure!

This is actually expected behavior. Here’s the details for what “automatic organization” does.

(specifically, all four images are copied because they all have unique SHAs).

Apologies! This is a bug: all four (or eight, after it copies stuff into your library!) should be aggregated into a single asset.

If you could DM or email me example images that aren’t being de-duped properly, I can see what’s going on and update the deduping heuristics.

FWIW, these deduping heuristics are under continuous improvement: just yesterday I added support for Google Photos that had metadata deletions:

@Wanderweger thanks for sharing those examples! The problem was that one image had an exposure ISO setting of 69 and the other a value of 75.

PhotoStructure v0.9.1 does do exposure setting normalization, but the normalized/rounded versions rendered to ISO 70 vs ISO 80, and didn’t match.

The solution is to have a correlation setting that compares these numeric values: if they’re (by default) within 90% of eachother, PhotoStructure will consider that a match.

This will be in the next release. The correlation value will be configurable via a new minExposureSettingsCorrPct library setting.

Thanks for the additional parameter!

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