Deleting and then pressing Esc goes back to deleted image instead of overview

Expected Behavior

It’s a pretty minor annoyance: After I delete an image (i.e. press the little trash can icon in the top right), PhotoStructure advances to the next image. If I then press Escape, I expect to go back to the tile view (this is also what Google Photos does)

Current Behavior

PhotoStructure instead goes back to the image I just marked for deletion. If I delete multiple images in a row, pressing Esc repeatedly brings me back to each of them.


Operating system and version: Arch Linux

PhotoStructure edition: PhotoStructure-2023.11.0-alpha.1-x86_64.AppImage

Thanks for reporting!

Hitting esc should take you back to the folder or search result you entered the asset view from—I may be doing an unwanted history.push on POST.

Thanks for reporting! This is fixed in the next build.