Demo or Screenshots

The first thing I look in a new photo organizer is a demo or, at the least, screenshots. I scoured the site and can’t find any. Just curious why is that when everyone else has it?

First thing people look for is is the UI nice? Is it fast? Those are probably the 2 main things but I cannot get that from reading all the FAQs, features, etc.

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there are screenshots sprinkled throughout the site, but I think it’s a great suggestion to have some sort of walkthrough page of the app with screenshots and/or a video.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @rheinon – recording a “getting started” demo video been moldering on my todo list forever.

If you just want to “kick the tires” know that the installer is only 100MB, runs on all OSes, and is free to try–the welcome page only asks you a handful of questions to get started, and uninstallation is easy too.