DNG from iPhone are showing up as weird rainbow/corrupted in preview

Expected Behavior

DNG photo should be rendered to a format that looks more or less like the image

Current Behavior

The image shown in the browser looks more like the Mario rainbow road than the original

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Take photo on iphone 13 in RAW mode (DNG)
  2. Add to library (I am using docker if that matters)
  3. View photo on web (firefox if that matters)
  4. Notice rainbow road
  5. Download the original, notice windows can view it just fine
    (Note: I am emailing you the DNG and some screen shots)


Operating system and version: Docker:alpha tag (2.1) on unraid 6.10

PhotoStructure edition: Docker

Welcome to PhotoStructure!

Thanks for reporting, I got your email with examples and will look into this today.

I’m also experiencing the same issue with Apple ProRAW .dng files not displaying properly. The rainbow effect happens when looking at the entire timeline of pictures. Clicking into the individual image correctly displays the photo.

Were you able to diagnose the problem, and is there a fix?

Sorry for the hassle!

I was tracking this bug here: Version v2.1.0-alpha.7 is ready for testing - #2 by mrm

Short story long, I had hoped that a new version of LibRaw would address the issue, but it didn’t. I then tried Darktable and Rawtherapee’s RAW converter CLIs, and they also couldn’t handle it, so I ended up changing the image rasterizer to be more accepting of embedded JPEGs. Specifically, before the change, the embedded JPEG had to be equivalent to the RAW image resolution, but now we’ll use the embedded PreviewImage as long as the resolution is ~90% of the original.